For First Time Americans Think War in Afghanistan Was a 'Mistake'

Recent polling shows that, for the first time, Americans are against the war in Afghanistan.

Twelve years after the start of the war in Afghanistan, an effort to find those responsible for the horrific 9/11 attacks on the United States, Americans now say that it was not a battle we should have engaged. 

The National Journal notes that "for the first time ever" the majority of those polled, 49%, think it was a "mistake." A very close margin, within the margin of error, 48% think the United States was right to go after Al Qaida. The data notes,

By a large margin, Democrats and 'Democratic leaners' are more likely to view the Afghan War as a mistake. Fifty-nine percent now say putting troops on the gorund in 2001 was wrong. Just 36 percent of Republicans think so.

Jane Horton, a Gold Star widow whose husband, Oklahoma National Guard Sniper SPC Christopher Horton was killed in action in Paktia, Afghanistan on September 9, 2011, told TruthRevolt,

To insinuate that the Afghanistan war was a mistake is to say that all the sacrifices, loss and gain was for nothing. Americans have been so apathetic about these wars and know barely anything about them. Many don't even realize that while they lay their head on their pillow to sleep at night, young men and women are still in Afghanistan continuing to serve and defend them so they can continue on with their apathetic life. 9-11 was real, and terrorism is real. It seems that America has such a short memory. 

Experts have said that a troop withdrawal by the United States and NATO forces will likely lead to a resurgence of Taliban fighters. Last week, Afghan President Karzai released Taliban prisoners despite the strong protest of the United States.