Fired: This Turkish Official Wished Death on Wounded Israelis

What a sweetheart!

A female Turkish official was fired over the weekend after sending out a Twitter message that wished death upon Israeli tourists who were injured in a bomb blast in downtown Istanbul, according to The Times of Israel.

On Saturday, three Israeli tourists were killed by the suicide bombing and 11 others were injured, prompting Irem Atkas of the Justice and Development party to let her heart's desire be known on social media:

I wish that the wounded Israeli tourists were dead.

According to the Times, Atkas was a board member in the women's branch of the Istanbul party. Not only was she fired but her Twitter account was also shut down. Another member of the Women's Branch distanced the party's beliefs from Atkas', condemned her comment and wished a quick recovery for the victims and offered condolences to the dead.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded that the Turkish Foreign Ministry offer an official apology for the shocking social media message. Israel has confirmed that two of those killed held dual citizenship with the United States.

Turkish officials have determined that 24-year-old ISIS militant Mehmet Ozturk carried out the suicide blast. Reuters reports that this bombing in Istanbul's most popular shopping district brings the total to four for the country and the second to be carried out by ISIS.

Maybe it's time Turkey invite ISIS over for some tea.