Fiorina: Hiding Donations, Taking Foreign Cash 'The Clinton Way'

In response to The New York Times’ allegations on Thursday that the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation took millions of dollars from foreign donors, that Hillary Clinton’s State Department foreign policy changed in consonance with such donations, and that the Foundation is now refiling taxes from the last five years, potential 2016 presidential candidate Carly Fiorina posted on Facebook regarding the latest reports:

It's the Clinton way: raking in millions from foreign governments behind closed doors while making promises about transparency that they never intended to keep. Now they're scrambling to refile their taxes and account for her decisions as Secretary of State.

The American people will have a choice. Are we going to demand trust and transparency from our leaders? Have we had enough of a ruling political class that doles out favors to the wealthy and well connected few?

Fiorina is widely perceived as a chief challenger to Hillary’s “war on women” campaign meme. She is also expected to announce her campaign on May 4.