Protestors Plan Rally in Ferguson in Support of Boston Terror Suspect

"Justice for Usaama Rahim in Ferguson"

A Black Lives Matter protest group has planned a rally Friday in Ferguson in support of Usaama Rahim, the ISIS-inspired terror suspect who was shot dead in Boston after pulling a knife on officers.

On a Facebook page called "Justice for Usaama Rahim in Ferguson," the activists have announced that the rally will take place June 5 at 5pm CDT in front of the Ferguson Police Department and will include a "FREE Halal BBQ dinner."

The purpose: to show that #BlackLivesMatter and to protest "murder and profiling of our black brothers."

Here's the complete announcement: 

#BlackLivesMatter Protest police Murder and Profiling of our Black brothers. We must stand strong and resist tyrant pigs and feds who killed Usaama Rahim. Invite your Family and Friends and lets take our streets back.

It's our duty to tell the evil government we won't put up with it any longer! Heads will roll!

Join us Friday at 5pm For FREE Halal BBQ Dinner across the street of the Ferguson, MO Police Department.

5pm Friday - Halal BBQ Dinner.
8pm Friday - Resistance against racist killer cops.
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The "Justice for Usaama Rahim in Ferguson" host,​ Baltimore Protests, declared on June 3 that it's time to "show these pigs who's boss":

It's time we rise up and show these pigs who's boss. Join us Friday to say enough is enough! I'll be driving from Baltimore to stand with my brothers in solidarity with the Family of .Usaama Rahim and Everyone in Boston who is under constant fear of abusive fools.