Feminists: Women's Self-Defense Enables Rape Culture

"Because even a blackbelt in karate doesn't help when you're incapacitated. #rapeculture"

Newly crowned Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez ruffled a few feminist's feathers after answering a question on Sunday evening's program regarding rape on college campuses.

Angry viewers took to Twitter to express their outrage that Miss Nevada would actually suggest women learn self-defense to help fend off an attacker. Sanchez, a master at self-defense, said:

I think more awareness is very important so women can learn how to protect themselves. Myself, as a fourth-degree black belt, I learned from a young age that you need to be confident and be able to defend yourself. And I think that’s something that we should start to really implement for a lot of women.

Most of the outrage that rang through the Twitterverse came down to the argument, "We don't need to teach women to defend themselves, we need to teach men not to rape."

Here are some others:






However, there are plenty of tweets that support Miss USA and stand behind her suggestion. Here are some of those:







H/T Campus Reform