Feminists Sending Trump Giant Vagina Stuffed With Letters From ‘Concerned Women’

#ReadMyLips = ridiculous

Feminism continues setting the bar lower and lower in the class department. First it was wearing “pussy hats” and vagina costumes on Inauguration weekend. Now, it’s a giant vagina stuffed with letters telling President Trump what women want from him over the next four years. Tell us again why we’re supposed to take feminism seriously?

Mogul, “a platform for women worldwide,” has launched the hashtag campaign #ReadMyLips (get it?) with the plan of delivering thousands of messages to the White House on April 21, 2017, inside a giant, sculpted vagina created by veteran prop makers from Saturday Night Live. The campaign has been featured in Allure, Glamour, and at The Huffington Post. Twenty-four colleges have even signed on in support. 

“We wanted this to be a gift that he would be excited about receiving,” said Mogul’s vice president Bethany Heinrich. “But in a very classy, classy, classy — I can’t express classy enough — way.”

“I just hope this will drive the point home for him in a good, fun way,” Heinrich added. “And I hope that he has a sense of humor. I really hope he enjoys it.”

But let’s take a step back for a second: The go-to feminist battle cry against Trump goes something like, “Keep your paws off my pu**y,” which begs a serious question: How is he supposed to open his gift?

Watch Mogul’s promotional video below: