Feminist 'Ghostbuster' Leslie Jones Will Headline Abortion Concert

"All Access Coalition"

Keeping in line with the "girl power" agenda, actress Leslie Jones, who starred in the feminist box-office flop Ghostbusters remake, will join alongside pop singer Sia and former Jon Stewart minion Jessica Williams for a pro-abortion concert in Cleveland.

Organized by the All Access Coalition, a pro-abortion group that seeks to "make abortion access a reality across all communities," the concert seeks to bring abortion rights advocates together in solidarity as demonstration of their "collective power."

"All Access is such an inclusive group that I’m proud to be a part of this," said Sia. "We all need to stand together and be a part of creating the future we hope to see. There is so much support out there for an inclusive, equitable society that it’s time we showed our collective power."

This all "All Access Coalition" that pop singer Sia feels such affinity towards consists of charming pro-abortion groups like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, The Center for Reproductive Rights, NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation, Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity, and Whole Woman’s Health. 

Actress Leslie Jones cried abuse on Twitter against conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos after he wrote a scathing review against the feminist Ghostbusters, prompting the social media outlet to ban his account indefinitely. Jones had accused the conservative commentator of racial harassment, despite having issue her own racist tweets in the past against white people. 

Former Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams will also host the event, which seems fitting given that she past mocked unborn babies during a special segment of the former Jon Stewart propaganda machine. 

The segment hit its lowest point when a pro-life lawyer showed figurines of unborn babies during various stages of pregnancy, prompting Williams to mimic vomiting and ask the lawyer "what is that?" 

"This is a human life," the lawyer said.

"Oh, thank God, I thought you were trying to get me to buy chocolate to support your basketball team," she replied.

When the lawyer showed her figurines of a baby at 12 weeks, Williams likened it to the creature in Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror Alien.