Female Apple Employee Makes Twice as Much as Male CEO, But Inequality and Stuff

Of course, some leftist will see this as discrimination against homosexuals. You can’t win.

Most people have never heard of Angela Ahrendts, but she is Apple’s senior vice president of retail and online stores. What sets her apart from the rest of the employees at the tech company is that she is the highest paid of the bunch. That happens to include Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. But it’s not like she barely inches Cook out of the top-paid position. She makes twice as much and has each year since she was hired in 2014.

Business Insider reports that Ahrendts’ 2017 earnings was $24.2 million. Cook earned only $12.8 million. Yes, Cook was awarded around $90 million in company shares in 2011 making him richer than Ahrendt, but a female makes more salary per year than her boss at one of the most popular companies in the world. Add to that, Cook is an openly gay man and now you’ve got a veritable progressive utopia in Silicon Valley.

Tell a leftist this story next time they complain about income inequality between the sexes and unfair treatment of homosexuals. And then inform the race-baiters out there that the top-four highest-paid musicians in the world are black and then have them tell you about how racist white people are. Maybe their heads will spin right off.