FEDWAY: Subway's Kids' Menu to Mirror Federal Standards

Michelle Obama has a new partner in her campaign to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.

The Associated Press is reporting that Subway has partnered with Michelle Obama to promote healthy choices for children at all of its national restaurants. By partnering with the first lady, this means that over the next three years, the sandwich chain will spend $41 million so that their kids' menu "mirrors federal standards for school lunches."

This will include offering apples as sides and low or nonfat plain milk and water as beverage choices. A company spokesman also said that Subway employees will actively encourage children to "pile the vegetables high." 

In addition to recruiting Subway, Mrs. Obama has made it so that characters from "Sesame Street" can be used "free of charge" by the produce industry in its kid-focused advertising to encourage even more healthy eating.

So, Subway is going to spend $41 million dollars to offer healthy choices that are already on their menu just to meet the federal guidelines for school lunches? That makes the feds Subway's new "Sandwich Artists."