Feds Spent More on 'Origami Condoms,' Obese Lesbian Studies Than on Benghazi Committee

We can put these studies right up there with synchronized swimming for sea monkeys.

It hardly comes as a surprise when government bureaucrats – particularly those from the party of big-spending – waste taxpayer dollars. What is perhaps most galling, however, is when those tax dollars are squandered on the absurd while truly legitimate expenditures are labeled superfluous.

The latest travesty to come out of Washington is the revelation that more taxpayer funding has been allotted to studies on ORIGAMI brand condoms and the obesity of lesbians than it has to the ongoing Benghazi investigation, which claimed the lives of four Americans.  

The Washington Free Beacon reports that, to date, the Benghazi hearings have roughly cost $4.8 million, which is currently "$1 million less in taxpayer funds that were given to an accused conman to finance his condom inventions and studies into why the majority of lesbians are overweight."

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) gave $2,466,482 to Daniel Resnic to develop three versions of the Origami condom, including the “first of its kind” anal condom. Resnic was later accused of wasting the money on full-body plastic surgery, trips to Costa Rica, parties at the Playboy mansion, and patents for inventions such as “rounded corners.”

The NIH has also given $3,531,925 to researchers to determine why lesbians are obese and gay men are not. Results have included: gay men have a “greater desire for toned muscles” than straight men, lesbians have low “athletic self-esteem,” and young men think about their muscles.

The Democratic members on the Benghazi committee also like to point out that the Benghazi investigation has lasted 532 Days, “longer than the investigations of Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy assassination, Iran-Contra, and Hurricane Katrina.” The federally funded investigation into lesbian obesity has lasted for 1,460 days, or four years since it began in September 2011. These two projects cost taxpayers $5,998,407.

Ironically, so concerned with wasting money on the Benghazi hearings are Democrats that they even implemented a spending tracker -- presumably to scare the American public about the costly toll the committee is taking on the nation’s wallet.

It would be a welcome sight if a similar spending tracker were implemented showing the amount of tax-dollars literally being flushed down the drain on studies delving into: the effects of Swedish massage on rabbits, synchronized swimming for sea monkeys, whether mountain lions will take to a treadmill, and how many times "hangry" people stab a voodoo doll.