Federal Government Inhabited by #Resist Movement

The anti-Trump #Resist movement is alive and well inside the federal government, according to Townhall. 

Since Trump's appearance on the political stage, federal workers have been vocal about their staunch opposition to the candidate-now-President. The following are a few examples of those in government who are fighting -- or have fought -- the rise of Donald J. Trump.

Sally Yates, Department of Justice
Acting Attorney General Yates protested Trump's travel ban covering seven terrorism-connected, Muslim-majority countries last year by refusing to enforce it. Instead of speaking to the President privately about the issue she publicly stated that the order was "wise" and "unjust."

Politico noted:

"Her objection, instead, was that the order was unwise or unjust. These may be valid points for a public citizen to raise, but the attorney general has a statutory duty to '[r]epresent the United States in legal matters generally,' regardless of her personal proclivities."

Leandra English, CFPB
Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, English filed a lawsuit to maintain her position when Trump moved to appoint Mick Mulvaney. She even emailed staffers with the defiant title of "acting director." A U.S. District Court sided with Trump, and English went packing.

Peter Strzok, FBI
Strzok's exposed text messages to his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, demonstrate utter contempt for the President. Strzok participated in the Clinton email investigation as well as the look into Russian collusion regarding the 2016 election. Upon the discovery of his texts -- in which he referred to Trump as an "idiot" -- he was dismissed.

EPA Employees
Since the President's placement of Scott Pruitt atop the agency, hundreds of Obama-era employees have resigned. Many on the Left derided Pruitt as a "climate skeptic." Since his appointment, over 700 personnel have quit, retired, or accepted voluntary buyouts, some citing their "disgust" for Pruit and Trump. Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, stated:

"Having Scott Pruitt in charge of the US Environmental Protection Agency is like putting an arsonist in charge of fighting fires."

Never has a President had more of an uphill battle than Donald J. Trump. The media openly hate him, Congressional Democrats publicly deride him, and baseless accusations of every kind of evil surround him. Nevertheless, he persists in being an original, triumphantly thriving in the face of all adversity. No matter the efforts of the Left, he Trumps them.