Fake Blood, Feminism, Black Lives Matter Disrupts Speech on Progressivism Destroying Education

Oh, the irony!

College campuses all across the United States have become leftist powder kegs of radicalism and protest. So much so that any alternate view to progressivism is seen as an incitement and an unforgivable intolerance. Gone is any reasonable debate between two opposing viewpoints and its replacement is disruption and shout-downs.

That's exactly what happened this week at Rutgers University in New Jersey when Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos gave a speech on -- get this -- "How the Progressive Left is Destroying Education." Proving the premise right were angry feminists who showed up and smeared themselves with red paint and spurred chants of "black lives matter" from other gathered protesters of the conservative speech.

Supporters of Yiannopoulos tried to overcome the noise with chants of their own: "Trump, Trump, Trump."

Video of the brouhaha was captured and posted to social media:



The protest was short-lived and the "blood-covered" feminists filed out of the building after about only two minutes, but what they left behind emphasizes further the Left's penchant for demanding a "nanny" take care of them. In this case, it will be the janitors who will have to clean the vandalized fabric seats, the floors, and paint smears on walls and doorways:



As Breitbart reports, "In contrast to the activists, Yiannopoulos’ supporters conducted themselves peacefully for the rest of the evening." Event organizer Aviv Khavich added to the praise, calling the event "a success despite the incident:"

We knew from the get-go that there would be protests. That wasn’t a surprise… What we didn’t expect was the sheer level of unruly chaos that the protesters brought, or that so many of them would be able to make it into the audience. We didn’t expect them to cover themselves, the building and others in red paint to protest some vague idea of Milo being “hateful.” They were misinformed, if at all informed, on Milo’s stances, and they were incredibly unwise in their choice of action...

Milo got shouted over a bunch, which was unfortunate, but it really served to just prove exactly the purpose of his speech: modern leftism is poisoning debate and thought at universities. You can’t even bring a harmless gay man to speak without an enormous shouting match erupting. Black Lives Matter will not benefit from this appearance, just like they did not benefit from their poor exhibition at the Dartmouth library. People are going to see them for the vitriolic hate group they are–they were assaulting people, harassing people, vandalizing the walls and floors.

This was the first stop on Yiannopoulos's provocatively titled "Dangerous Faggot Tour." This won't be the last we will hear about protests at these campus speeches.

The full speech is on Soundcloud: