Facebook, Instagram Delete Pro-Second Amendment Pages

See: in cahoots.

Facebook has been busy randomly banning pro-Second Amendment pages and are making its users infuriated. Some are being reinstated after complaints, but it appears as though the social media giant always finds a path to censorship.

T.J. Kirgin is one of those Facebook users who logged in one day to find his gun parts store account, Tactical Sh*t, removed. As he investigated and found other gun sites taken down, he filed multiple complaints. Facebook complied and reinstated his account 36 hours later. However, Kirgin didn’t stop there; he continued blasting Mark Zuckerberg’s baby through several media appearances. Then, Facebook struck again, banning Kirgin on its other platform, Instagram. Just like that, 221,000 fans of Tactical Sh*t’s Instagram feed could no longer view content. 

Kirgin said this one hit his pocketbook directly, affecting 20% of his total revenue. Instagram notified him that he had violated the terms and would never have the account restored.

“They are not telling us what terms we violated, which is just like what they did on Facebook,” Kirgin told National Review. “This was a direct attack on us, just hours after my interview on The Blaze.”

Facebook, and its subsidiaries continue to prove it’s on the cutting edge of censorship. Deciding what makes it into news feeds and what doesn’t; promoting Black Lives Matter propaganda and suppressing news that hurts the Left.