'F*** You, Zionist Scum': Pro-Israel Cornell Students Brutally Shouted Down

"F*** you, Zionist scums!" That's just one example of some of the shouts, insults and provocations hurled at pro-Israel students at Cornell University last week.

Cornell Israel Palestine Protesters
Pro-Israel student films non-student
Palestine activist who is screaming
"don't touch me."

Legal Insurrection broke the story this weekend of students at Cornell facing radical rhetoric and enraged reaction for being Pro-Israel and saying so during a Pro-Palestine protest. The anti-Israel activists are on video taunting the students, blowing air in their faces, and screaming about being touched. Several students caught the action on camera and their clips are included in the video released by LI.

Last Wednesday, Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine held a mock Israeli "checkpoint" on campus. Some pro-Israel students showed up with cameras to film the event.

As The Blaze elaborates:

Then kat yang-stevens (who apparently doesn’t use capital letters in her name), a non-student activist, appeared to get right in the face of a pro-Israel activist, claimed he was touching her, and then challenged him to hit her.

“Get your f***in’ camera out of my face!” yang-stevens yelled, later telling him, “Go ahead, slap me bitch! Do it, do it, do it.”

At another point someone arguing with pro-Israel activists said “the Constitution of the United States is bulls**t.”

The activist who said he was harassed by yang-stevens didn’t want his name revealed, but he told Legal Insurrection she came “within a centimeter” of his face and was “breathing deliberately and forcefully” on him.

That puffing or spitting of air on the student's face can be seen and heard in Legal Insurrection's video. LI also points out that these activists are not some one-off for the campus.

Don’t think that these activists are unwelcome on the Cornell campus. To the contrary, yang-stevens the next day appeared at the Africana Center, where she led a panel discussion on Resisting Domination:

LI reports that this practice of closing the distance and then screaming "don't touch me" is also not uncommon at these protests, and particularly in the case of yang-stevens, who has been caught on video doing this before.

When will the university begin to pay attention to these anti-Israel, non-student "activists" who have the malicious intent to cause harm and unrest?