Exit Poll: 5% of NH Democrat Voters Say Hillary Clinton Is Honest, Trustworthy

93% view opponent Sanders as honest.

Fox News' exit poll reveals that only 5% of New Hampshire's Democrats say Hillary Clinton is "honest and trustworthy." Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, garnered that label from 93% of Democrats.

Opinions about Clinton's honesty seem to be getting worse as the campaign moves forward:

Perceptions of Clinton on the question of honesty are worse in New Hampshire than they were in Iowa, where 10 percent picked her in an exit poll. Sanders was picked by 83 percent of those asked in Iowa about who is more honest.

The latest findings suggest that the FBI investigation of over a thousand classified emails on Clinton's homebrewed server has raised doubts in the public mind as to Clinton's honesty. Other Clinton problems that might effect voters' perceptions of her include the questionable dealings of the Clinton Foundation and her role in the response to the Benghazi attack.

Nationally, Sanders has been closing in on Hillary and now trails her by only 2 points. Recent polling shows Clinton has a sizeable lead over Sanders in the upcoming primary in South Carolina at the end of February.