EXCLUSIVE: Congress to Investigate Potential Obama Crackdown on Drudge, Hannity

"Congress will continue to investigate these abuses."

On Wednesday, Rory Cooper, communications director for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, told TruthRevolt exclusively that Congress would investigate any bureaucratic attempts by the Obama administration to “try and intimidate and silence their critics using the bureaucratic mechanisms of the federal government.”

Cooper stated that such attempts were a “gross and abusive violation of their power and the public trust,” adding, “Congress will continue to investigate these abuses.”

Cooper’s comments came on the heels of a report from the Washington Examiner on Wednesday that leftists in the Federal Elections Commission were interested in cracking down on media figures like Sean Hannity and Matt Drudge.

The chairman of the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday pledged to battle such attempts. Chairman Lee E. Goodman stated:

I think that there are impulses in the government every day to second guess and look into the editorial decisions of conservative publishers… The right has begun to break the left’s media monopoly, particularly through new media outlets like the internet, and I sense that some on the left are starting to rethink the breadth of the media exemption and internet communications.

Outlets are free to pick favored candidates in elections if they are covered by the FEC exemptions.