Ex-IDF Soldier Responds to Hillel President Fingerhut

"Why would an important organization like Hillel, that understands how misleading and wrong BtS is, choose to invite them to the very space on campus where Jewish students should feel safe?"

Following Hillel president Eric Fingerhut's defense of the Hillel supported "Breaking the Silence" event, ex-IDF solider and StandWithUs Northwest Campus Coordinator Hen Mazzig, who documented the Israel-bashing event, provided TruthRevolt with his take on the explanation:

I was happy to see that the president of Hillel, Eric Fingerhut,  agrees that Breaking the Silence is a group that does not represent the Israeli army.  And that is why I don't understand why the BtS speaker was allowed to be hosted by Hillel.

 My article was not only about the misrepresentation of the institutional  morality of the IDF that night, but the fact that Breaking the Silence was allowed into the Hillel tent in the first place.
 Why would an important organization like Hillel, that understands how misleading and wrong BtS is, choose to invite them to the very space on campus where Jewish students should feel safe? Or where students hope to get accurate information about Israel?
If BtS was coming to that campus anyway, why did Hillel need to host them?  In my article, I didn't write about the Israeli fellow of the Jewish agency, because he did not speak at the BtS event.  In a separate meeting before the event, a small group of students (we were told that around 7 attended) were invited to hear the Jewish Agency Israeli fellow. 

After the main event, with approximately 40 students and community  members in attendance, there was a post-event discussion and I was told that only 12 students attended that  event.  During this discussion, they were able to speak with both the Israeli fellow of the Jewish agency and BtS speaker, in a different room, about the main event. 

Only a handful of them stayed all the way through this separate event that was aimed to balance the lies that were presented to the 40 students.

In the words of BtS speaker he "didn't care about Israel's reputation". For me, it's not about how the message was framed. It's about the fact that the BtS misinformation messenger  was allowed to misrepresent the Israeli army  in the safe environment of Hillel, the treasured  Jewish house on campus.