Even NY Times Won't Give Michael Moore's New Anti-Trump Flop a Positive Review

What's that liberals like to say about Trump? Oh yeah, "you can't polish a ... "

Did you know Michael Moore has a new movie out?

Neither did we. But apparently it was a big October surprise. 

More might be slipping into left-wing irrelevance, however, as his latest flop garnered poor marks from even The New York Times.

His new anti-Trump documentary TrumpLand was billed as "tepid" and "sometimes lame" by Times television critic Neil Genzlinger, who added that "anyone expecting a rollicking, full-force attack on Donald J. Trump" should "prepare to be disappointed."

That might also be because Moore tries, for the first time, his hand at stand-up comedy in the film (we thought all of his films were a comedy routine). 

Newsbusters provides relevant portions from the critical review of Moore's latest flop: 

The comedy-portion appeared to be a main feature of the documentary and on that portion, Genzlinger ruled that he wasn’t harsh enough on Trump or edgy: “The stand-up comedy routine — tame and sometimes lame stuff; Mr. Moore is no George Carlin — gives way to a stretch that sounds like a commencement address before Mr. Moore gets to his real purpose, which is to support Mrs. Clinton.”

Genzlinger also denoted Moore’s bizarre comparison of Hillary Clinton to Pope Francis in their liberal activism that Clinton will unleash if elected “resulting in a flurry of landmark legislation reminiscent of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous first 100 days.” 

Throwing Moore a bone, Genzlinger said the left-wing filmmaker's effort was "earnest but not very entertaining and "fairly tepid stuff." 

This, at least, is a spot more hinged in reality than CNN's review of the film titled, "Michael Moore's 'Trumpland' is our land."

The film, described as Moore's "October surprise" for Trump, is said to dive "right into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one-man show, deep in the heart of TrumpLand in the weeks before the 2016 election."

Frighteningly, it has thus far secured a 7.8 (fairly positive) rating on the movie review site IMBD, but as an October Surprise, we think it's missed the mark.