EU Parliament Invites Palestinian Terrorist to Speak About ‘Women’s Rights’

Convicted terrorist Leila Khaled hijacked 2 planes in Europe.

THe Brussels-based EU parliament invited Leila Khaled, a convicted Palestinian terrorist, to speak at a women’s right event. Khaled is a convicted terrorist who hijacked an American airliner in 1969 and a year later took part in the hijacking of Israel’s EL AL passenger plane. In 1970, she was released by the British government in exchange for several US and British hostages.

Khaled, who remains a member of the terrorist group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), spoke on “the role of women in the Palestinian Popular Resistance” at the EU parliament on Tuesday. The PFLP is designated as a terrorist organization both by the United States and the European Union.

The news outlet The Times of Israel broke the story. According to the news website, Khaled, an unrepentant terrorist, “continue[s] to advocate violence against Israelis.”:

Khaled, who was invited to Brussels to speak Tuesday by lawmakers representing the far-left Izquierda Unida party from Spain, was arrested by Israeli sky marshals in 1970. She was carrying two grenades while attempting to hijack an El Al flight from Amsterdam with a partner, whom the security officers killed. British authorities released her in exchange for hostages from another hijacking a month after her arrest.

She had already hijacked an American passenger plane in 1969, landing it in Damascus, where the two Israeli passengers aboard were held for three months before they were traded for Syrian prisoners of war in Israeli jails.

A member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which is blacklisted as a terrorist entity by the European Union, Khaled is to be the keynote speaker at an event titled “The Role of Women in the Palestinian Popular Resistance,” a poster advertising the event read.

PFLP actively coordinates with the Islamist terrorist outfit Hamas and the Palestinian terrorist group PLO in their campaign of terror against Israeli civilians and security forces.

Since 2015, Europe has been in the grip of Islamist terror. By inviting an unrepentant terrorist with blood on her hands to speak at the EU Parliament, European political class shows how little it has learned from the wave of deadly Jihad attacks that continue to strike one major European city after another.