E.U Cartoon: 'Fairy Godmother' Brings Migrants To Continent On Flying Carpet

"We really need you." Yeah, like a hole in the head.

A new video sponsored by the European Commission from the group Européens Sans Frontières (Europeans Without Borders) shows the fairy godmother EU bringing migrants to Western Europe because "racist" Eastern Europeans will not welcome them.  

According to Breitbartthe short film, titled Eurodame, Help! received funding from the French government, European Commission, and other third party groups.

One such group is Fondation Hippocrène, funded by George Soros' Open Society Foundations network, whose mission is to "promote the construction of genuine European citizenship" by targeting young people.

Breitbart described the video as follows: 

The animated short opens on a migrant man, his hijab-clad wife, and their two young sons approaching the gateway of a forbidding wall, with the words FRONTEX emblazoned above.

An EU Border Agency (Frontex) official is shown shooing away a young man and a people-smuggler before allowing the family through – accompanied by a fluttering fairy godmother representing the EU.

The fairy, wearing red-framed, hipster-style glasses and a white t-shirt with the EU flag branded across the chest, asks the migrants to follow her into a tent, where she asks an Arab-looking man to give them 'passage to Europe' on a magic carpet.

Following a celestial compass in the night sky, the group first land in what appears to be representing Eastern Europe – where they are greeted by a crowd of racist white men shouting that they do not want asylum seekers.

When the EU fairy asserts, “But it’s their right!” the racists still shout them down. Out of options, the EU fairy brings them to a Western Europe that welcomes them with open arms. 

“Welcome. We really need you,” a European man tells the migrant.

“Thank you,” the migrant man replies. “Long live Europe.”

The video must have omitted the part in which the migrant's teenage son cuts off the European man's head. All's well that end's well then, with the family enjoying a happy dinner with a Western European family as the child narrator poses this question to the audience: “Europe protects her borders and Europeans open their hearts to refugees. And you?”

No thanks. We'll stick with protecting our borders. Meanwhile, we look forward to the more realistic video sequel in which the Middle Eastern migrant invasion of Europe turns that continent into a Muslim caliphate.