EU and New Israel Fund Back Conference on Palestinian Right of Return

"This so-called 'right'... is equivalent to calling for the elimination of Israel.”

A radical Israeli non-profit organization, Zochrot, is hosting “The 3rd International Conference on the Return of Palestinian Refugees” in Tel Aviv on March 21-23, backed by the New Israel Fund and the European Union.

According to watchdog organization NGO Monitor,

The two day event will include speakers from NGOs and academia, all promoting a Palestinian “right of return.” This so-called “right” including multiple generations has no basis in international law, is a primary obstacle to peace, and equivalent to calling for the elimination of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

NGO Monitor continues:

..this conference is in partnership with Badil, one of the most virulently anti-Israel NGOs. In 2012, Zochrot and Badil published a manifesto that encourages a “de-zionized” one-state solution, essentially calling for Israel to be dismantled. Badil also consistently posts antisemitic cartoons and posters on its website.

Zochrot is “involved in writing and promoting divestment resolutions, as well as training BDS activists in the United States.” The organization accuses Israel of “ethnic cleansing,” “ongoing destruction of Palestinian localities,” “expulsion,” “massacres,” and “disregard for the rights of refugees and displaced people.” They refer to Israel as having an “ethnicized and racialized Zionist” system; in a 2008 joint submission to the UN Human Rights Council for Israel’s Universal Periodical Review, Zochrot falsely accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and “forcible displacement and dispossession of the Palestinian people.”

Speakers at this event include the director of Baladna, Nadim Nashif, who refers to the establishment of the State of Israel as “Nakba” (catastrophe) and encourages Israeli Arab youth to refuse to do national service or serve in the IDF. In 2011-2014, the New Israel Fund (NIF) authorized grants worth $100,000 to Baladna.

Other speakers include Yuid Ilany of Social TV, a radical Israeli media outlet which is funded by the New Israel Fund, and “acts as a platform for accusations of Israeli “apartheid,” “racism,” “discrimination,” and perpetrating a “Nakba” against the Palestinian population, and to advocate the “one-state” solution, a Palestinian “right of return” and BDS (boycotts, divestments and sanctions) against Israel.

Israeli governments – of the left and right – have consistently  rejected the Palestinian demand for a “right of return,” which would give millions of descendants of Palestinians who lived in what is today Israel the right to “return” — and would spell the destruction of the State of Israel.