Estrella TV: Maniac Trump Creates Agency for Purpose of 'Hunting Immigrants'

Move over, "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter." There's a new Republican president on the prowl.

On February 6th, President Trump signed a National Security Presidential Memorandum to form the National Vetting Center, in order to assist federal officials in the vetting of foreigners wishing to enter or remain in the country. According to Spanish-speaking Estrella TV, however, the NVC's purpose is to hunt immigrants.

Of course, Estrella's left-wing, anti-Trump attempt at terrorizing its no-doubt illegally-immigrated audience is completely transparent. However, when it comes to its war with the Trump administration, the network has a bold history of the overt. In keeping with that tactic and tone, reporter Maria Teresa Saravia and anchor Adriana Yanez mischaracterized the vetting agency as being "in charge of hunting immigrants":

YAÑEZ: Donald Trump is creating a new office in the White House that will be in charge of hunting immigrants -- according to the President, in the interests of national security. María Teresa Saravia informs us.

PRESIDENT TRUMP O/C: And killing their own people…

SARAVIA: After Donald Trump published a controversial message about the death of an NFL player, blaming an undocumented immigrant, he once again created conflict against the Hispanic community. Now, the President decided to create an office dedicated to investigating immigrants who, according to him, represent a threat to national security...The new agency will be called the National Vetting Center. The person in charge of that department will be Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who along with Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson will appoint each of the members who will belong to the Center. The main mission of the office is to unify the different agencies’ data bases and in that way more quickly detect the threats that immigrants, according to Donald Trump, represent. María Teresa Saravia, Estrella TV News.

So, Trump just believes "immigrants" are a threat?

Estrella conveniently forgot to mention that the threat of El Salvadorian gang MS-13 was the centerpiece of the press conference for the agency's introduction. Furthermore, as for Trump creating "conflict against the Hispanic community," a 2016 Fox News poll indicated a majority of Hispanics in favor of Trump's position on illegal immigration.

Moreover, does Estrella presume that Hispanics themselves aren't concerned about murderous illegal alien gang members? 

Lastly, of course, Estrella's euphemism of "immigrants" to describe those in the country illegally is one of the most tired mechanisms of the Left. "Immigrants" come to the country according to the rules, and President Trump has said nothing in the way of interrupting their pursuit of the American dream. As for those who have broken the law, our government is compelled to enact measures to address them.

And in the case of MS-13 -- the nation's deadliest gang -- those in violation of the law must be brought to justice. The National Vetting Center is a step toward accomplishing that virtuous goal. But the Left are only concerned with narrative; therefore -- according to the Spanish-language LA-based network -- Donald Trump is a fiery racist, irrationally set on "hunting immigrants." No Bueno, Estrella TV. Oh -- and nice "unbiased" photo of Trump to accompany your story.