ESPN Loses $1 Billion, More Layoffs Coming

Unhappy holidays!

It’s going to be a very unhappy holiday season for employees at ESPN as reports indicate more layoffs are coming between now and Christmas after massive losses to the anti-Trump sports network.

Somewhere between 60 and 100 employees are slated for the chopping block through the end of the year which represents $80 million in salaries ESPN is trying to salvage to offset an almost $1 billion budget shortfall.

ESPN has been struggling for a while as more and more viewers ditch their cable and satellite subscriptions for streaming services. That amounts to over 13 million lost subscriptions over the last six years. In 2015, ESPN fired 300 employees. And yet, ever since Donald Trump burst onto the political scene, personalities at the network have injected more political rhetoric into sports reporting, which in turn has alienated even more viewers.

It doesn’t appear that the network has learned any lessons, namely that average Americans like to unwind with some politics-free sporting events. But this is what happens when you put Colin Kaepernick on a pedestal and ignore the wishes of your subscribers.

Source: The Daily Caller