Escaped Murder Suspect Killed in Home Invasion by Good Guy with Gun

That saved a lot of time and resources.

Vicksburg, Mississippi police have ended their search for an escaped murder suspect after they responded early Thursday morning to a home invasion and found whom they believe is the missing prisoner dead with a gunshot wound to his head.

It all began at 4 a.m. when the suspect broke into the garage of the victim and "bum-rushed" his way into the house. Once inside, the occupants, a husband and wife, were held hostage for three hours, reports The Epoch Times, and suffered a few non-life threatening stabbing injuries. At some point, the male homeowner retrieved his gun and shot the invader in the head.

A week earlier the suspect, Rafael McCloud, 34, used a homemade shank to force a Warren County sheriff's deputy to hand over his pants, jacket, keys, and radio in a brazen escape from his cell. In the days following, officers combed the area to no avail, urging schools to amp up security measures and warning homeowners to be on the lookout for this dangerous man.

McCloud's rap sheet includes murder, rape, car theft, armed robbery, and grand larceny. He was placed in the Warren County jail in June after being indicted for the rape and murder of Sharen Wilson in January of last year. The woman's body was found by local "ghost hunters" in the brush outside an abandoned hospital.