Eric Holder: 'Progressive' Hillary Best to 'Protect Obama Legacy'

She's an "agent of change."

Anyone who watched Sunday evening's Democrat debate, or who has followed presidential contender Hillary Clinton's rhetoric of late, knows she has been doing an inordinate amount of pandering to Obama voters. 

Full of praise for the Obama administration, its policies and initiatives, Clinton is beginning to sound like an Obama's greatest cheerleader. While on its face it seems the former First Lady is simply looking to garner the support of Obama disciples, according to Attorney General Eric Holder, who recently endorsed the Democrat frontrunner, Clinton is actually the best candidate to uphold Obama's legacy. 

In fact, Holder thinks the former Secretary of State is just as "progressive" as socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. He also said that black voters can't afford to allow "wistfulness" at the closer of Obama's presidency keep them from the polls. During an interview with The Washington Post on Sunday Holder discussed why Clinton is the best candidate to "continue the great work that President Obama and his administration did." 

When asked what he would say to black voters who are not as excited about the candidates this time around, Holder explained why Clinton will "protect the Obama legacy" and that she is an "agent of change.": 

"I think what people have to understand is that what we have to do is protect the Obama legacy. We’ve made really substantial progress in the last eight years -- it'll be eight years at the end of 2016 -- and the question is who is best situated to protect that legacy and not let the progress that we have made get rolled back. And there is no question that there are going to be attempts to roll back the Affordable Care Act, they sent [President Obama] a bill the week before last that he had to veto. There will certainly be efforts to counter the executive actions that he’s taken on immigration issues, when it comes to gun safety issues and his foreign policy.

"You need somebody who’s got a record on those issues that’s consistent with the positions that the president took, and Hillary Clinton is that person, there’s no question. They are in lockstep when it comes to gun safety issues. Sen. [Bernie] Sanders, quite frankly, is not. So to the extent that people are a bit of a nostalgic, wistful feeling, I think that ought to be converted into a concern for the future and for the preservation of all the great work that President Obama and his administration did."

Some voters don't think Clinton, compared to Sen. Bernie Sanders, is progressive enough.

"People have not, for whatever reason, focused on the fact that Hillary Clinton is and always has been a change agent. If you look at her record as a progressive and think about what she did early in her career at Children's Defense Fund. We can talk about here in South Carolina where she worked to make sure that kids were not incarcerated, jailed with adults. Health care -- Hillary Clinton led the fight for health care during the Bill Clinton administration. Although the overall effort wasn’t successful, the CHIP program came out of that effort.

Holder told the Post that, from his perspective, people are confused about who Clinton is as a political figure.

"There’s no question in my mind that she is a progressive," he said.  

And there's no question in our minds either, Holder.