EPA Administrator Uses Scare Tactics to Push New Regulations

Cites sea rise concerns, kids with inhalers as proof rules were needed

Environmental Protection Agency head Gina McCarthy turned the press conference announcing costly new environmental regulations into a pep rally that featured the type of scare tactics and talking points normally reserved for the campaign trail.

Sounding "like the sort of unflinching liberal that progressives had hoped Barack Obama would be," according to a Washington Post column by Dana Milbank, McCarthy entered to "whoops and raucous applause" as she prepared to sign the new regulations the EPA's own estimates have said will cost billions of dollars.

​The crowd cheered on as McCarthy cited a number of concerns that would be perpetuated if new regulations aren't imposed:

She rattled off the various ills attributed to climate change: “If your kid doesn’t use an inhaler, you should consider yourself a very lucky parent. . . . 2012 was the second-most-expensive year in U.S. history for natural disasters. . . . If we do nothing, in our grandkids’ lifetimes, temperatures could rise 10 degrees and seas could rise by four feet. . . . Lower-income families and communities of color are hardest hit.”

The latest figures from the Center for Disease Control show less than 1 in 10 children currently suffer from asthma, the most common illness one would need an inhaler to treat.