Emcee of African-Americans for Hillary Event Used Anti-Gay, Anti-Semitic Slurs

But we thought Hillary was a friend to the LGBT and Jewish communities...

A Hillary Clinton supporter who emceed the launch-event "African Americans for Hillary" at Clark University in Atlanta last year apparently has a less-than flattering Twitter history. 



Karen Civil, a self-described "media maven" who was listed as "a social media influencer" on a list of the "170 African American Women Leaders Stand with Hillary Clinton," used anti-gay and anti-Semitic slurs in past Twitter posts. Clearly she's not living up to her surname. 

Were Civil simply a Hillary-supporter who'd not had any interaction with the presidential candidate, it would not be newsworthy, but given that she emceed an event which Hillary Clinton herself attended, it certainly bears mention. Particularly given the fact that Clinton has painted herself as supportive of the LGBT and Jewish communities, respectively. 

BuzzFeed News reviewed Civil's Twitter account and found the following tweets from 2009. She did not respond to the outlet's request for comment.

The Clinton campaign, meanwhile, accepted no responsibility as usual. After all, why should it bother to vet the host of an event which Clinton herself attended? The campaign stated: "While we welcome the support of everyone, we’re only able to control that which is said by our campaign."

Below is a sampling of relevant tweets by the woman who ironically just wrote a book titled, "Be You and Be Civil":