Emboldened After SOTU Speech, Obama Mocks GOP Bull****

Yes, and two more words start with 'B' -- Bye, Barack!

Fresh off the high of his last State of the Union address ever, President Obama has set off on a two-state tour to continue selling his legacy and his personal dreams about America's future.

In his first stop at the University of Nebraska Omaha, the president took the opportunity to mock Republicans on the campaign trail, likening their ideas to a word that "starts with a B." He said:

When you hear people peddling this fiction about our enemies getting stronger, America getting weaker, when you hear folks say we can solve challenges just by looking meaner and talking tougher or carpet bombing wherever we want, you know that’s just hot air. It’s bluster. It’s not serious.

There’s another word for it that starts with a B... [pauses] It’s baloney.


Obama Blasts Opponents' 'Hot Air'

WATCH: Pres. Obama mocks opponent's tough talk: "There's another word for it that starts with a B..." http://abcn.ws/1JLl6MG

Posted by ABC News Politics on Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Obama went on to say that the GOP is focused on "some doom and some gloom… you know, America's in decline and everything's scary," and said that his core message is, "that's not the spirit that brought America so far."

It's no surprise that the president picked two very conservative states to peddle his wares. On Thursday, Obama will be in Louisiana.