Email Warns St. Louis Residents Of Uprising If Wilson Is Not Indicted

"I highly doubt we will have to do totally lock down but I know other buildings are suggesting overnight bags, bring extra food etc."

With the grand jury in Missouri about to announce if they will indict Officer Darren Wilson, the policeman who shot and killed Michael Brown, residents of St. Louis are gearing up for what they believe will be a nearly all-out war if Wilson is not indicted. 

Internal emails obtained by Truth Revolt shows one office building in St. Louis warned their tenants that an advance notification would be given in order “to allow time for security to be activated.” 

“The police department will have a 48 hour warning.  Per Mike, the officer, I will likely hear when it will happen when they do so I can be prepared to get the building ready if need be.  I will be emailing all the emergency coordinators at that time.”

The first of the two emails announced that the National Guard will be moving into St. Louis in the upcoming days and that the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department will be going without vacation and will begin 12 hours shifts in the vicinity of the building. 

“We will most likely have 24 hour security once the verdict is read if we need.  Our security guards have radios from the Downtown Security that will be utilized as a means of communication between the authorities of the building.  We will likely remove anything that is not secured around the building to prevent them from being damaged or being used to damage anything. (Cross fit flags)  Common sense recommendations to tenants, such as being prepared to shelter in place or walking with a buddy to the parking lot and garages.  We will most likely close off the garage entrance and exit doors and only allow people in on St. Charles Street.”

The building management suggested tenants bring overnight bags and extra food in case they do have to go into lockdown. 

The building management sent another email informing all staff members of a Downtown Security Communications Plan.