Elizabeth Warren Keeps Refusing to Endorse Hillary

But aren't all women Democrats supposed to support Hillary no matter what?

We thought all women (particularly prominent ones) are expected to swear their allegiance to Hillary Clinton lest they be reserved a "special place in Hell."

Apparently Senator Elizabeth Warren is unfazed. 

During multiple interviews this week, including one on CBS This Morning, the left-wing Democrat again refused to endorse Hillary Clinton as her party's nominee. 

Host Norah O’Donnell, pulling the gender card, reminded Warren that all of her fellow female Democrat senators had already thrown their support behind Hillary and then pushed the senator to say whether she'd do the same before the Democratic National Convention in July:

“I don’t have a timeline for this,” said Warren, instead saying she was just proud that both Clinton and Sanders have been talking about issues of education and wealth inequality.

“But you know your lack of an endorsement at this stage, though, has raised some questions,” said O’Donnell, who then asked if Warren thought Clinton should release the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs, another question Warren avoided.

“What I’m glad to see is what’s happening right now, and that is that the Democrats are out talking about the issues,” said Warren. “I think it makes it very distinct what happens between our side and what’s happening over on the other side. They’re doing some kind of reality show, we’re out here trying to talk about the issues that affect the American people.”

It's fairly clear that Warren is more the Bernie Sanders-type than the Hillary-type, which is likely why she's remained reticent thus far. We're confident, however, that she'll rally to Clinton's side once the nomination process is complete.