Ed Schultz: Constitution is Totally Outdated Piece of Paper

We need to "get rid of some of these jackasses who live by an old document."

Former MSNBC blowhard Ed Schultz has taken to doing web podcasts since losing his The Ed Show gig on that network, and Newsbusters reports that he recently vented about Republican "jackasses" who still oppose more restrictive gun control in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist massacre. He may have been reduced to an even smaller audience than he had at the low-rated MSNBC, but in the course of that podcast he stated an article of faith of the radical left - that the Constitution is outdated and has no place in a "progressive" future:

So what has to happen here, folks, and this is political tough talk -- if the Democrats don't want any silence, then they have to speak up and just tell the American people we can't get anything done on gun violence because Republicans are in the way. Put it on the obstructors. Put it on the people who always defend a piece of paper that was two hundred and twenty-five years old or whatever, back in a society that doesn't even exist today, the Second Amendment. There has to be rules and regulations for a contemporary society.

President Obama himself has said that he believes the Constitution is, or should be, a living, breathing document adjustable to the times - meaning that it is an obstacle to the left's agenda for an America remade in their utopian vision.

Schultz continued:

But until the Democrats become not silent and say that we can't do gun violence control in this country or any kind of gun measures because Republicans are in the way. Then maybe you might strike a nerve with the American people to get rid of some of these jackasses who live by an old document that is just totally outdated. We've changed the Constitution before! We've added to the Constitution but we simply cannot do anything about gun violence in America.

Later in the show, during a conversation with guest Jonathan Alter, Schultz pressed the point:

Jonathan, politically, do the Democrats need to become more vocal about this in blaming Republicans? And, you know, it's old-style politics, I know, and vilifying the other side. But the fact is that we can't get anything done on gun violence in America, any measures at all, because of the Republicans.

Translation: darn those Republicans and their insistence on adhering to an old piece of paper that blocks our gun confiscation agenda!