Economist Editor Threatens CAMERA Writer With Libel For Correcting Misleading Article

"As someone who knows a little about British libel law, I can tell you that by accusing him of 'deceiving' and 'misleading' you've probably defamed him"

Economist writer Nicolas Pelham wrote an article for Ha'aretz “Christians in Israel and Palestine" in which he accused Israel’s lobbyists of lying to the world about the Jewish State's treatment of Christians. CAMERA’s, Tamar Sternthal  published a response to the piece and promoted it via a tweet which said in part the Ha'aretz article written by the The Economist's Pelham was misleading. Ms Sternthal's tweet prompted a warning from the Economist's community editor Ananyo Bhattacharya warning that she might have violated Britain's libel laws.

In the Ha'aretz article Pelham, who is a correspondent for The Economist on Middle East affairs, cited Proverbs,  "Deceive not with thy lips," as he accused the "Israel lobbyists" of not being truthful about the treatment of Christians. In her article, "Economist's Nicolas Pelham Deceives About Christians" Ms Sternthal, who is the director of the Israeli office of CAMERA (Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America)  picked apart every deception in the Pelham piece and at the end of each correction she repeated the verse used by the Economist writer, Deceive not with thy lips,"

Tamir tweeted out the post and was greeted with a warning from Economist community editor Ananyo Bhattacharya:





H/T CIF Watch