Ebony Editor Equates Country Music With 'Killing Muslims'

And Joan Walsh couldn't be happier about it.

Appearing on MSNBC on Thursday, Senior Editor for Ebony.com and frequent MSNBC guest Jamilah Lemieux was criticizing Senator Ted Cruz over his music tastes when she made a comment that had host Ari Melber visibly uncomfortable and, later, apologetic.

Melber introduced the segment by showing the clip of an interview in which Senator Cruz stated that his music tastes changed to country after 9/11. It was clear from the host's face, as well as the guests, that everyone was supposed to agree that this is ridiculous and Cruz is an idiot. Taking it further, Lemieux jumped right in at 11.

Nothing says let's go kill some Muslims like country music. Fresh from Lynchburg, Virginia. Somebody who obviously does not want to be a polarizing candidate but to bring people together. I mean, really? That's absurd.

Seated next to Lemieux was a clearly amused Joan Walsh, editor at large of Salon.com (which is, of course, well known for a reasonable and measured tone, said nobody.) Lemieux and Walsh were in perfect agreement on the "kill some Muslims" point, as well as the idea that either visiting Lynchburg or listening to country music is an inherently "polarizing" activity. Later in the broadcast, Melber had to apologize to his "audience" and distance the newly "let's be less loony" network from his panel's expert assessment.