Dyson: Kaepernick is 'the Best Kind of American'

"Kaepernick’s situation highlights just how little progress we’ve made in this country in confronting the brutal legacy of racism.”

Newsbusters reports that ESPN’s The Undefeated invited Georgetown Sociology Professor and frequent MSNBC guest Michael Eric Dyson to write an article on 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is determined to push his hypocritical Black Lives Matter propaganda into the living rooms of football fans across the country. Why ESPN didn't approach someone like David Horowitz to write the piece, or at least to provide a balance of opinion, is a puzzlement, as Yul Brynner said in The King and I. Just kidding -- there's no mystery. It's the usual media bias in action. In any case, Dyson predictably played cheerleader for Kaepernick in his article pompously titled, “The Courage of Colin Kaepernick.”

Dyson begins by claiming that Kaepernick's gesture stemmed from “a thoughtful reflection on how best to highlight the plague of injustice, and the need, finally, to hold our nation accountable for black death in the streets." By black death in the streets, Dyson isn't referring to the scourge of black-on-black violence, of course, but to the myth of white cops waging a war against innocent, unarmed black males. But no leftist believes we should hold anyone accountable for the former, because black lives don't matter to them unless they can be exploited to attack another myth, that of America's white supremacist power structure.

Dyson continued by noting that "Kaepernick has been accused of being unpatriotic, a traitor to the nation, a disruptive, self-aggrandizing narcissist, and a loathsome human being who disrespects the military. Kaepernick’s situation highlights just how little progress we’ve made in this country in confronting the brutal legacy of racism.” To say that this country has made little progress against racism is a demonstrable, outrageous lie -- but it's a lie that regressives like Dyson need to keep pushing. Newsbusters points out just how Kaepernick's own situation disproves a "brutal legacy of racism":

Actually, Kaepernick’s situation, that of being the product of an interracial relationship, adopted into a white family, raised as a child of privilege, recruited by a white head coach in college, drafted by a white head coach in the NFL, replacing a white quarterback with the 49ers, and getting paid over a hundred million dollars by the white family who owns the 49ers, in addition to having suffered no disciplinary consequence for his protest, highlights just how much this country is not the apartheid-esque, racially oppressive state that Kaepernick and Michael Eric Dyson clearly believe it is.

Dyson went on to attack Kaepernick's opponents by making nationalist racist straw men of them:

“The opposition to Kaepernick rests on a faulty premise and a confusion of terms: Many who oppose Kaepernick because of patriotism are really opposing him because of nationalism. There is a big difference between nationalism and patriotism. Nationalism is the uncritical celebration of one’s nation regardless of its moral or political virtue. It is summarized in the saying, “My country right or wrong.” If one has a problem with America, one is told to lump it or leave it, or to find another country that works better.”

Au contraire -- it is Dyson who is operating, intentionally so, from a faulty premise and confusion of terms. Kaepernick's opponents, such as myself, don't dispute that racism exists -- among all races -- but argue that this country does not systemically, institutionally oppress people of color as Kaepernick and Dyson claim. This is what the left needs Americans to believe in order to prop up their radical, America-hating agenda.

Dyson concludes that “When a black athlete bravely speaks up, we punish him." Um, Kaepernick is half-black and no one has punished him. In fact, the 49ers management has supported his right to protest. "Kaepernick’s courageous action," Dyson continues to gush, "for the black people who are being slaughtered in the street should earn our thanks." Blacks are being slaughtered in the streets all right, but by other blacks. The statistics prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no epidemic of white cops gunning down innocent blacks and then being sheltered by a complicit System. But facts and statistics don't fit into Dyson's and Kaepernick's world view.

For Michael Eric Dyson, whose entire career rests on stoking racial division, Colin Kaepernick is a "real hero," a "real superman." In fact, he's just a whiny liar and tool of the radical left.