Duberstein Advises Obama: Look Like You Give a Damn

Give America the feeling that you actually care

Kenneth Duberstein, chief of staff for Ronald Reagan from 1988-1989, appeared in a "web extra" segment of CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley and gave some advice to President Obama on how to spend his last two years in office: look like you give a damn.

Duberstein also said the president needs to pick several ideas, i.e. trade, corporate tax reform, immigration -- and work with Republicans. But above all, Duberstein said Obama needs "fresh voices" and needs to show America that he actually cares:

I think he needs fresh ideas and fresh voices in the White House. And he needs to give to the American people a feeling that he really cares and gives a damn. That he's in there and leading the country. That's what's important. 

Obama's 2011-2012 chief of staff William Daley was on the panel and said that the narrative that the president is "disengaged" is political spin and just plain "crazy." Daley defended his former boss saying he couldn't be more engaged with the crises of ISIS and Ebola. To have a conversation in the contrary is just "silly:"

He's there! It's ridiculous. It's kind of a silly conversation, to be frank with you, to imply that the President of the United States is somehow disengaged or is going on vacation. I mean, look at the poor guy, he looks like hell considering what he looked like five years ago. 

Duberstein lunged back into the conversation with this forgotten dose of reality:

He's campaigned to the presidency, and that's what comes with it: all this hard work.

As Daley again defended Obama saying, "he knows that better than any of us at the table," Duberstein rolled his eyes.  

Watch the web extra segment via CNN: