D'Souza Worried New Hillary Film Could Earn Him 'Life in Prison'

"What if the goal of the Democrat Party is to steal America?"

Conservative filmmaker and author Dinesh D'Souza is concerned that his new documentary film, Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, might earn him a prison cell for the rest of his life.

This may not bee too far-fetched as D'Souza spent eight months in federal confinement for violating a campaign finance law after his film, 2016: Obama's America.

D'Souza recently addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he stated his concern:

If that film got me eight months in the slammer, this new movie is going to earn me life in prison. It's time to take the gloves off.

In his new film, D'Souza will expose what has long been known, that the Democratic Party is the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow and is rooted in segregation. The trailer indicates that the idea for this new film came to D'Souza while he was in confinement and learned that "all crime is about stealing." His film aims to expose the "soul" of the Democrat Party and uncover why its members are virtually untouchable when it comes to prosecuting corruption among its ranks.

At the end of the trailer, D'Souza asks:

What are these Democrats hiding? What if the goal of the Democrat Party is to steal the most valuable thing the world has ever produced? What if their plan is to steal America?

At CPAC, D'Souza stated that the Democrats sell their party as the party of civil rights, despite its own sordid history to the contrary. But it's the party's penchant for blaming America as a whole and deferring the attention from themselves that has D'Souza most willing to take them to task:

The reality is America didn’t do it, the Democrats did. Now, another story from the Democrats is they changed, that somehow recently they became enlightened and they became the good guys and the bad guys all became the Republicans. This is the story of the so-called switch. But the truth of it is there never was a switch. The Democrats now are the same as they always were.

This concept of "you work, I eat" is still the center of the politics of the Democratic Party. They were playing plantation politics back then and they are playing plantation politics right now.

Hillary's America is slated to open in theaters the week of the Democratic Party convention.

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