#DroughtShaming Campaign Targets California's Water-Wasters

Hashtag activists have taken to social media to shame those "water wasters" in California—particularly the celebrity class—whom they decry for selfishly using the drought-stricken state's precious resource to keep up their manicured lawns.

As the #DroughtShaming campaign is picking up steam, no one is safe, with average citizens and high-profile celebs (particularly Barbra Streisand, JLo, and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian) alike now in the "crosshairs" of the Social Media Police. Yahoo News reports:

Class-conscious social media users are taking aim at wealthy water wasters as the Golden State struggles in the fourth year of a devastating drought.

The green, tech-savvy activists behind #droughtshaming are not just calling out their profligate neighbors — celebrities are in their crosshairs as well.

A few examples of both celebrity- and neighbor-shaming (some even going so far as to include their fellow Californians' street addresses):