Donald Be Gone: New Google Chrome App Removes Trump From Your Internet

How very Orwellian. A new Google Chrome "add-on" apparently gives users the power to erase Internet content they find offensive -- in this case, commentary and photos of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. 

CNN Money reports that the "Trump Filter" is described as an "antidote" for Trump's "toxic canidadcy." The app launched on Christmas Eve, how apropos, and was reportedly developed by Rob Spectre. 

"I hope folks will take this opportunity to learn more about the wide field of candidates out there," Spectre told CNNMoney. 

He said he created the extension to take the spotlight off Trump and give concerned citizens the opportunity to actually focus on other candidates and learn about the issues. 

"People are looking to turn him off," Spectre said. With the Trump Filter they can. 

The extension can be set to one of three levels of Trump filtration: mild, aggressive, and vindictive. 

The extension comes preset on mild, which is still fairly strong -- Donald Trump's entire Twitter page goes blank. On the highest setting, vindictive, entire news sites are blocked -- CNN, Google News and even InStyle go blank. 

The app makes exceptions for the Google Chrome app store and the Trump Filter website to make the extension searchable and shareable.

This shows the priories of the Left. They are more concerned with investing time and resources inventing a product that allows them to bury their heads in the sand even more and pretend a candidate for president does not even exist then actually deal with reality and tackle real problems. After all, it's easier to run and hide and live in a fantasy land where people who hold differing opinions just disappear into the ether than actually live in the real world. 

This Chrome add-on is particularly disturbing too, because first it is engineered to focus on erasing Trump content from the Internet, but soon it will add other content to the mix. Thus, all of the sensitive, politically correct automatons of the new generation will be able to erase all sorts of content they deem offensive, rendering them even more blind and ignorant than they already are. Wonderful.

Happy New Year Google. Thanks for bringing 1984 closer to reality.