DODGE CITY: Watch Megyn Kelly Ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz Rand Paul's Abortion Question

Tonight on Fox News, Megyn Kelly challenged Debbie Wasserman Schultz to finally and directly answer the question about abortion that Rand Paul rightly pointed out Democrats never have to answer.

The media pretty much never puts the inquisition screws to Democrats like they do to Republicans because the media takes it for granted that Democrats are good and righteous and Republicans are evil and duplicitous. So asking so-called "gotcha" questions holds no angle or interest for them. Last week, Rand Paul brilliantly called them on this preposterous double standard. And on Tuesday night, Megyn Kelly took Rand's question directly to Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The result was less than enlightening. 

First, Schultz laughs and mutters "baffling" because, as you know, the opinion of the CHAIR OF THE DNC is of no consequence so why would people ask her about issues? It's not like she's a Republican city council member in a town of 300 who sent an inappropriately titled email. That would be important for the national press. But the chair of the party? Psh. Small potatoes. Baffling, even. 

Schultz goes on to deflect the question by trying to say that Rand Paul is just deflecting. She continues deflecting throughout.

The question, quite simply, was "when does life begin." It is a question that Schultz never answered. The only thing she would allow is that when an abortion should take place is between a doctor and a woman. Which is, as has been pointed out several times over the last week, in practice saying that there should be no state limit at all. Abortion should be permissible throughout pregnancy (even after birth?) as long as the woman and the doctor agree that it's fine.

The question "where does life begin" is not relevant to Wasserman Schultz. She does not care whether the baby is alive or not. She only cares about whether a woman and a doctor agree. So though she tried to dodge the question, her dodge did provide an answer. Which just proves how right Rand Paul was to ask.

It also proves there are a lot more questions just like this that a responsible media (ha!), or at least a blogger with a camera, should be asking Democrats every day between now and election day.  

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