DNC Deputy Chair Proudly Shows Off New Antifa Book to ‘Strike Fear’ in Trump

Your Democratic Party, ladies and gentlemen.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) just purchased a new book all about his favorite terrorist group and was so proud he had to boast about it on Twitter. As a bonus, he included an obligatory threat against the president:

The congressman serves as the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee and is now actively promoting a violent, fascist group whose goal is to overthrow Trump’s presidency.

The author of the Antifa book, Mark Bray, is a professor at Dartmouth and organizer of Occupy Wall Street. Bray defended the sport of “punching Nazis” last year when he said, “Fascism cannot be defeated through speech.” His book encourages physical confrontations against political foes and calls “militant anti-fascism… reasonable.”

After Ellison posted the photo on Twitter Wednesday, many were left wondering how the Democratic Party could still support him:








Of course, if you're a writer for The Atlantic and Slate, Ellison is totes cool and should have even more power: