DNC Defends Hill's Email Abuse

Wasserman Schultz declares investigation "ludicrous."

A top official in the Democratic Party called the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server "ludicrous" during an appearance on the Sunday political chat shows.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the DNC, was speaking with Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday when she denigrated the FBI's several ongoing investigations into Clinton's private, homebrewed email server which she used to conduct official government business, including passing top American military and diplomatic secrets over unsecure channels.

When Wallace pointed out that the investigation could run past the Democratic Party's convention in July, Wasserman Shultz said that Clinton's use of private email was not unique.

"You know that’s not true," Wallace said when Wasserman Shultz claimed that Clinton's use of private email was the same as other office holders such as Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and John Kerry, something Wallace said was not comparable. "Nobody says that’s true." 

"Other than the private server," Wasserman Schultz said in response. 

"Well, 'other than the private server' is a big deal," Wallace said. "Nobody had 30,000 work emails on their private server, or private email, period. The comparisons to Colin Powell … that’s just not true.

"Yeah, but maybe a dozen — not 30,000," Wallace said.

"I'm not counting," Wasserman Shultz said.

Maybe not, but the FBI is.