Dissident Catholic Group Invites Dan Savage As Keynote Speaker

Radical gay activist Dan Savage will serve as keynote speaker for the dissident Catholic group DignityUSA at their biennial convention in Seattle this June.

DignityUSA promotes itself as a "Catholic" organization that promotes LGBT rights and issues, but the group has been denounced by multiple bishops as heretical and been barred from performing Mass in major archdioceses throughout the country. 

Despite all that, the decision to host Dan Savage as keynote speaker seems oddly puzzling even to some liberals, given his track record of not only denouncing Christian views toward homosexuality, but also abortion, abstinence, and even monogamy. 

Though Dan Savage had a Catholic upbringing, he has since described himself as an agnostic with atheist leanings. However, he has in the past described himself as "culturally Catholic." Dignity USA executive director Marianne Duddy-Burke told Catholic News Agency Savage had been invited to speak about "how his Catholic roots have influenced his advocacy and his actions.​" She also described him as "an important, provocative, and sometimes controversial figure in the LGBT community and the broader culture."

In the past, Savage has gone on record stating he supports "mandatory abortion" for population control, has claimed monogamy for men is a "mistake" and "a disaster for marriage," and, most recently, demanded that Dr. Benjamin Carson "suck my d*ck" to prove homosexuality is a choice.