Disrupt J20 Scaling Back Inauguration Attacks After O’Keefe’s Second Video

D.C. Metro issuing bolt cutters in case protesters chain the trains.

After damning evidence of radical fringe anti-Trump groups planning to disrupt the inauguration with acid stink bombs was exposed in James O’Keefe’s first video, a second video sealed their fate and caused the protesters to scale back their attacks.

Disrupt J20 organizers were once again caught on tape encouraging protesters to shut down the D.C. Metro lines by attaching chains to the trains so that officials need bolt cutters to free them. This was all part of the group launching a series of “clusterf*** blockades” all over town. One leader of Smash Racism D.C. even told supporters that resorting to throat punches against Trump supporters would be “a good thing.”

Here's part two:

The FBI has launched an investigation into these undercover videos, and that has put pressure on these radical groups. O’Keefe said there had been reports from his inside sources that they are having to scale back their disruption attempts because of the attention they’re getting.

Of course, this is no thanks to the mainstream media. The videos have so far been ignored, even by Fox News. Sean Hannity has been covering it on his radio program, but only sites like TruthRevolt, National Review, and Real Clear Politics are bothering with the story. One Huffington Post writer is said to have congratulated Project Veritas on doing good work, but still, the major networks are mum.

It’s also being reported that D.C. officials are stocking workers with bolt cutters in case some go ahead with the plans to stop the trains.

Those organizers exposed in the first video hoping to set off a stink bomb at the Deploraball event had their tickets refunded and received restraining orders and civil charges, all thanks to these videos.