The Difference Matters’ Protest Still On Despite Hillary Canceling Appearance

Benghazi victim's mother among protestors

Hillary Clinton has canceled her visit to the 17th Annual Western Healthcare Leadership in San Diego on April 11th as pushback from San Diego military families and protestors mounted. One of the more high-profile voices in the planned protest is the mother of Sean Smith, one of the Americans killed in the Benghazi attack.

As CNS News reports the protest has been organized by "The Difference Matters," a group named after Clinton’s infamous remarks during her testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Jan. 2013, in which she responded to a question about the causes of the attack by asking, “What difference... does it make?

Clinton’s dismissive remarks caused a stir, particularly in many military circles. San Diego-based “The Difference Matters” formed as a response to dishonesty by government officials, particularly surrounding the Benghazi attack. The group describes themselves as “a non-partisan non-political group of San Diegans” attempting to promote “honesty from our publically elected officials.”

As the group’s name suggests, Hillary Clinton is their primary target. One of the protestors told reporters, "She is not welcome here in San Diego by so many of us. We don't want her here.”

Citing scheduling conflicts, Clinton canceled her in-person appearance, opting instead to appear by satellite to the expected 700-person audience.

The Daily Caller reports that one of the protest’s organizers, Mary Kafka, said that the protest will be held as scheduled despite Clinton's cancellation of the visit.

The protest is scheduled to take place at the San Diego Convention Center at 9:30 a.m. 

Video via MRC TV.