Did CNN Reporter Stage 'Muslim Protest Against Terror'?

Is she a reporter or a director?

After this weekend's horrific London attacks, CNN reporter Becky Anderson broadcast a segment that basically attempted to insult the terrorists with the equivalent of playground taunts. After her speech, the cameras went to a Muslim protest against terror going on in the street behind her. Here's the video that aired, with some of the signs that showed toward the end of the segment.

The protest also aired on BBC:

However, another person was taking video in the few minutes before Anderson went on air. The footage seems to show the reporter telling the protesters where to stand and how to hold the signs to best show in the shot. Basically, she was orchestrating the "protest." Here's the footage:

If Anderson truly was creating and directing the scene, she would have, of course, crossed the line between reporting on the news and creating the news. In the aftermath of terror incidents, the media's script seems to be well-worn. First shock, then sympathy, then worthless platitudes, then an assurance that there's absolutely nothing wrong with Islam. It's time to take a close look at what's going on and at the faith the terrorists proclaim. But first, CNN needs to start reporting the news and stop acting as Islam's PR firm.