Did CNN Racially Profile Born-Again Christians?

“In reports of its exit polling questions...CNN seems to have assumed that only white people could be 'born-again Christians.'"

CNN’s report on its exit polling of the Virginia gubernatorial election snuck in a little racial profiling.  

As Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston reported Wednesday, in one question, CNN chose to combine a racial and religious identifier, asking “are you white born-again Christian?” The exit poll report provides no other religious survey results, betraying what appears to be irrational and insulting racial and religious assumptions by the news agency.

Huston argues, CNN’s conflation of the racial and religious categories is not just curious but counterintuitive, as Gallup found in 2005 that “Black Americans are far more likely to identify themselves as born-again or evangelical.” Huston also notes that the election featured an African American born-again Christian:

Among the election's top candidates, E.W. Jackson, the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, was both black and an evangelical Christian.