Did The AP Censor Joe Biden Saying 'Perverted Jihadist' In His Chattanooga Speech?

Makes you think

Today word spread like wildfire that Vice President Joe Biden had, at the memorial for four Marines and one sailor killed in Chattanooga last month, referred to their killer as a "perverted jihadist."

The AP was the fastest to produce video of the event, which the quickly put on YouTube and which began to be shared across social media. The tweets all contained the phrase "perverted jihadist." The video had the words in the title. The only problem? They aren't in the video above. Was the VP censored? Hard to say. Take a look.

You can hear Biden's say the phrase in the below video from Digitas Daily. You can see them on the YouTube page. But listen again to the AP video above and they are not there. They've been cut. Even though this is what the YouTube page looks like:

And here is the video with the words included, via The Right Scoop.

Now why would the AP cut that particular phrase from the video, only to include it in the title and the reports? All one can do is speculate.

Nevertheless, the Vice President's speech was dramatic and powerful, and is worth listening to. A reminder that even across the aisle there still beats some patriotic red blood. Blood outraged at blood spilled.

No doubt the families will be forever grateful for Biden's words today.