Dictionary.com Calls Out Pence as Trump ‘Sycophant’

Definitions aren’t opinions.

According to Dictionary.com, Vice President Mike Pence is a Donald Trump “sycophant” because he talks about the good things the president has done.

Last week, The Washington Post tweeted one of its articles covering the GOP's reaction to their tax bill that seemed to complain that the vice president “offered 14 separate commendations for Trump in less than three minutes — math that works out to one every 12.5 seconds.”

That’s unprecedented! A VP saying nice things about POTUS? Who’da thunk!

Dictionary.com saw WaPo’s tweet and confirmed they, too, thought Pence sounded sychophantic and let the world know:

Does that make Barack Obama a Joe Biden sycophant because he said Uncle Joe was the greatest VP ever?