Dick Morris Destroys Bill Clinton's Lies About Hillary in DNC Speech

Lies, omissions and half-truths.

Dick Morris, former political adviser to Bill Clinton, took to Facebook with a video rebuttal to Bill Clinton's DNC speech about his wife, and Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton. 

His speech, Morris said, was a string of omissions and half-truths about Hillary's political career and he hopes his video can help fill in the missing blanks. (For a rundown of Bill's sexual liaisons that were also missing from his timeline of marriage to his bride, click here.)

The former president spent much of the speech praising Hillary for being an idealist while in law school, defending women and children. But Morris said the main thing she did was help cop-killing Black Panthers avoid jail time through appeals loopholes. This happened while the young Hillary worked at a known-Communist law firm in San Francisco. It's where she met and submitted to discipleship under radical Marxist Saul Alinsky.

Bill's next omission was when Hillary went to work for the Watergate committee and was fired because she stole and hid documents important to Nixon's defense. She was blackballed, Morris added, and had trouble finding work. It didn't help that she had flunked the bar exam in Washington D.C. However, she was able to pass the Arkansas bar and moved there.

In Arkansas, Clinton said, Hillary continued her work for women and children.

"The hell she did," Morris exclaimed. That's where she famously defended a rapist of a 14-year-old girl and helped him avoid punishment by blaming the girl for fantasizing about sex with older men. She later admitted to knowing he was guilty and laughed that she was able to get him off so easily.

Hillary's next job as a lawyer was not doing pro bono work, as Clinton claimed, but ensuring big contracts for the state while he was attorney general and later as governor. She collected millions in fees for her services. Morris said she pretended to be taking non-state cases to hide the fact that she was getting rich.

In addition, Hillary was nearly indicted on a felony charge for helping a real estate banker purchase properties with his own bank's funds but skated by because none of the records could be found. Morris claims those files were later hidden in the White House, making it impossible to link Hillary to the crime.

Then it was Hillary as mother to Chelsea. Bill painted her as very involved in their daughter's life. Yet, Morris said it was Arkansas state staff that took care of the new baby, including a full-time nanny and assistant on the state payroll. Morris added that it was in fact Bill who was more hands-on in Chelsea's life than her mother.

With his intimate knowledge from inside the Clinton administration, Morris said that when Hillary was appointed by her husband, the president, to head the healthcare task force, she did everything in secret, thus the reason it failed. He noted her penchant for secrecy throughout her career.

When Morris suggested in 1994 to pass a bill introduced by Bob Dole that would at least insure children, Hillary refused, saying it was all or nothing. Three years later, Hillary backed a similar bill without Dole's name attached which essentially did the same thing. Government efficiency at its best.

Bill praised Hillary for being a great senator but Morris reminded that she hardly brought up anything that passed. Of the eight bills she did pass, Morris said they were mostly "symbolic."

As he moves on to her time as secretary of state, Bill, of course, doesn't mention Benghazi or the secret e-mails. As Morris joked, that's like asking Mrs. Lincoln, "Other than that, how did you like the play?"

In his assessment, Bill's account and Hillary's actual record are two completely different things. Morris wants the truth to come out and wants this antidote to Bill's speech to go viral. So far, his Facebook video has garnered nearly four million views.

Watch for yourself below:



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