Dice Video: Hillary Voters Support Repealing Bill of Rights

"You can’t have the rules of yesteryear now..."

In another Mark Dice progressive lunacy video, almost all of the Hillary Clinton supporters he interviewed enthusiastically supported repealing the Bill of Rights.

Dice told the San Diego Clinton fans that Hillary had made a "primary campaign promise" to finally repeal the Bill of Rights to help create a "new world order." Almost all of the ones featured in his man-on-the-street interviews signed on.

Some highlights via InfoWars

"Do you think it's time we get behind her and support the repeal," Dice asked one woman, who responded, "I think it is, I think we need change like they’ve been promising us for so many years, I think it's time to get behind Hillary Clinton and support her."

Referring to the bill of rights, the woman added, "You can’t have the rules of yesteryear now, so much has changed….we live in a different world now," before again emphasizing that she supported Hillary's plan to repeal the freedoms outlined by the founding fathers.

Another woman concurred that it was a "good time to look at" repealing the bill of rights, another young lady agreed that it was necessary to "move America forward."

Yet another individual remarked that the bill of rights was, "somewhat outdated," while another two women blithely supported abolishing the founding document to "help America progress."

An African-American man who said he "agreed with a lot of Hillary’s policies" said he wouldn’t repeal the entire bill of rights, just part of it, namely the ones that "are related to injustices to the blacks."

Dice has posted a number of similar fake petition videos in recent years, including petitions calling for a "white privilege tax," a "male privilege tax," the banning of the American flag, a preemptive nuclear strike on Russia, and the repeal the Second Amendment. Dice's faux causes have proved overwhelmingly popular among the San Diegan left.